Treasure Today, a film by Mathieu Cesar for Memorieslab


Visitors. That's all we are. Staying but for a moment. Captives of its illusion. A glimpse of the infinite awakens us to lifetimes, chasing the beyond. The currents of time carry us forward into the abyss of unknown beauty, untold truths. So we become sojourners following an unmarked path looking for answers to an eternal mystery. Sand through our fingers become like diamonds shimmering in the night. And we can't help but imagine the possibilities of holding the moment still. Because as we tread softly against the stage of forever, manifesting into this world as artists, wanderers of the unseen, changers of destinies, we are just visitors. And all we have are memories.


Credits & Description:
Campaign Name: Treasure Today
Memorieslab’s Founders: Andy Shi & Raymond Shi
Creative Agency: Kids Love Jetlag Paris Shanghai (FF GROUP)
Chief Creative Officer: Fred & Farid
Conception & Art Direction: Pierrick Jégou / Nicolas Liberman
Copywriting: Joseph Davies / Susan Lin
Account Supervisors: Isabelle Constant - Guillaume Leroux – Solene Marce – Vanessa Sayarath
Agency producers: Karim Naceur / Slim Trabelsi
Production: Iconoclast
Director: Mathieu César
D.O.P: Arnaud Potier
Stylist: Martine de Menthon
Music supervision: BCKSTG / Leo Copet / Music title: “Memories we’re left with”
The Online Advert titled Memorieslab presents Treasure Today was done by Kids Love Jetlag Paris advertising agency for brand: Memorieslab in France. It was released in the Oct 2015.